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Covid-19 Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment has been carried out following the guidelines on the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) web site

Assessment carried out by: Sue Langer, Castlemans Cottages on 1st January 2021

Potential Hazards

  • Contamination of the site by guests who are asymptomatic or who develop symptoms while in situ.

  • Transmission of the virus between guests or between guests and housekeeping staff.


Who is at Risk?

  • Other guests on site, particularly the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance staff and their immediate families, particularly if they care for relatives who are elderly or have underlying health conditions.

  • The wider public locally.


Actions to Control Risk

  • Anybody who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines.  Therefore, they should not arrive on site.

  • Anybody in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the Government should follow Government advice to self-isolate, they can contact Castlemans Cottages for help and advice with their booking.  They should not arrive on site.

  • Cleaning and maintenance staff who are exhibiting symptoms or who have any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus within the previous 14 days should not come on site and they should follow NHS guidelines.

  • We will ask guests to follow guidelines on social distancing.  The cottages are well spaced and the communal utility room has appropriate hygiene measures in place.

  • Guests can arrange for groceries to be delivered to avoid trips to the supermarket. 

  • Guests are advised that there may be restricted opportunities to eat out at this time and they should be prepared to fully self-cater.

  • We will provide hand gel, hand soaps and towels, disinfecting spray in our cottages for our guests to use and also cleaning materials..

Implement Changes to cleaning policy

We always strive to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness at Castlemans Cottages and under normal conditions we also strive to maintain high standards of sustainability. We recognise that at this time some sustainable practices will need to be compromised such as using mostly natural cleaning products.  We will resume these practices as soon as it is safe to do so. We have put in place strict cleaning procedures with a checklist which guests can see in their information folders.


To Protect our Cleaning Team

We have extended the cleaning hours for the extra disinfecting process

We are providing our staff with hand sanitiser gel, gloves and masks

We have provided training

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