Sussex Bonfires

The Tradition of the Sussex Bonfire Societies goes right back to the burning of 17 protestant martyrs in Lewes between 1555-1557 and the story of their persecution by “bloody Mary” can be read here on the Hastings Borough Bonfire Society’s website.

Flaming crosses


As a tribute to these Christian martyrs several of the societies hold 17 burning crosses.



The Bonfire season starts in September and runs through until the end of November. The local dates are
Hastings – 18th October
Battle – 1st November
Lewes – 5th November
Rye – 8th November
Robertsbridge – November 15th
All the Bonfire Societies work hard to raise funds for these events throughout the year and raise huge amounts for their chosen charities. Entrance is free, but they do rely on the generosity of everyone attending on the night and usually have buckets etc to collect your change.

hastings bonfire

If you have never experienced one of these parades, it is well worth a visit so come and stay in one of our cottages and enjoy the fantastic firework displays and gigantic bonfires! Be warned though, its very loud!